Snacks & Lunches

We love fresh and healthy foods
  • At Kinder City, we believe in a healthy lifestyle from the start. This means that we ensure that children learn positive eating habits from a young age, and that they are positively familiar with nutritious and wholesome foods.

    However, we also take things one step further. A strong basis of research has driven our dedication to your child’s oral care. We have a role-play dentist chair, and provide a space in which staff will teach your children about the importance of oral health. Following the NHS’s healthy eating for under 5’s, our care for your child’s oral health extends to the food that we provide them with. We will provide you with information about taking your little one to the dentist, and will prepare your child for a healthy dental future.

    We have a chef who cooks fresh meals daily for children, ensuring we balance healthy eating and tasty meals for children to enjoy.

  • Frequently asked questions
    Do you offer vegetarian option?

    Yes, let the staff know and we will ensure your child has tasty vegetarian meals.

    Is your meat halal?

    Yes, all of our meat is supplied by a local halal butcher.

    How much do you charge for lunches?

    £2.00 per day for a lovely homemade lunch.

    My child is a fussy eater

    No problem, we will make sure your child is encouraged to try all the food, and there are options too.

  • What we did in 2017
    • Served cooked meals4750
    • Hours spent cooking380
    • Tins of baked beans used 228
    • Minutes spent outdoors every week400