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Supervised Toothbrushing Programme

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Dear Parent/Guardian

 …Kinder City… has partnered with Dental Wellness Trust (DWT) and the Luton Council to help improve oral health amongst the children by providing a supervised toothbrushing programme.

The Dental Wellness Trust is a registered charity founded in 2011 by Dr Linda Greenwall, a dentist based in North West London. The aim of the charity is to improve the oral health of children in the UK and overseas, through education of teachers, parents and the children themselves. The DWT provides supervised toothbrushing programmes directly to schoolchildren to help improve their overall health.

About the supervised toothbrushing programme:

  • Will be run by the teachers in school and supported by the DWT
  • Takes place once a day every day.
  • Lasts approximately 20 minutes which is factored into the days learning. After the children has mastered the toothbrushing, it last less than 10 minutes.
  • Includes supervision of toothbrushing using an age-appropriate fluoride-based toothpaste
  •  Children are taught to spit and not swallow the toothpaste
  • Includes teaching effective hand washing, to help prevent spread of germs, illnesses and infections
  • Will be continuously monitored and audited by the teachers and DWT to ensure your child is benefitting from the programme.
  • All brushes, toothpastes and supplies are provided by the DWT so there is no financial obligation to the school or the parents

The teachers in the school have completed a training programme taught by a trained DWT toothbrushing supervisor, in order for teachers to supervise the children’s toothbrushing.

To help make this programme a success, we would appreciate your support and consent for your child to participate in the supervised tooth brushing programme.

Toothbrushing and COVID-19

The toothbrushing programme follows the guidance set by Public Health England for infection control procedures to ensure the programme is COVID safe. The toothbrushing supervisors implement the ‘dry brushing’ model to reduce the risk of spreading infection. The individually labelled toothbrushes are stored safely. The toothbrushing zones are cleaned before and after use.